Devilry by Daniel Madison Torrent Download (PDF)

Devilry is a 600 Page Book Of Secrets featuring the entire collection of independent publications from Daniel Madison, from 2000 to 2020.

This final 2019 'redemption' edition of Madison's work contains 27 chapters and an astonishing 400 Deceptions, Magic Tricks and Sleight-of-Hand techniques with a deck of playing cards.

This is Madion's entire lifetime body of work, completely updated page by page to include
recent publications including Anglezero, Rock Bottom and 52 by MADISON.

Riddle with groundbreaking, revolutionary and proven reputation-making material, including everything that has been in

Madsion's repertoire and everything that he devised whilst consulting for the biggest names in the World of Magic.

This is Madison's Bible, this is the one and only book that Madison's students need for complete devotion and training in the Deceptive Arts from the master himself. This IS Daniel Madison, this is DEVILRY.

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