Paradox Card by Mickael Chatelain DOWNLOAD Torrent

This card makes peoples' brains snap.

"One of the most deceptive tricks I've ever seen" -Rick Lax

"You'll be performing this for yourself in the mirror. It's that cool."

Sometimes an effect is so surreal, so paradoxical, that even IMAGINING it is an accomplishment.

Square Circle Card is such a creative trick that it made me say "I've never even imagined that before, let alone have any clue how it's done."

Mickael Chatelain is a genius to not only imagine it, but to create a beautiful hand-crafted method to go with it.

Add to all of this an instructional video with Rick Lax teaching new handling, you're in eye-candy heaven.

Here's the basic effect: 

1. Show the back of a card, it has a circle cut out of it.

2. Now show the face, it has a square cut out of it.

3. Repeat as desired. It's surreal.

Seeds: 21
Size: 78mb
Format: mp4