Finger Wave by Dan Hauss Torrent Download

If there’s one thing Dan Hauss is known for, it’s creating ingenious effects that appear both bold and deceptively simple. His goal with magic is to accomplish as much as possible with as little as possible, thus leading to the inception of his newest effect, Finger Wave.

Don’t let its seemingly effortless fluidity fool you, this effect is actually the result of years of refining. With nothing but a wave of your hand, a rubber band jumps from one finger to the other. It’s as simple as that, but the true genius of this trick is it’s versatility. It can be performed anywhere, anytime; it can be incorporated into virtually any routine, even used in the middle of other effects.

You won’t be able to find an effect quite so strikingly visual; make no mistake, this is minimalism at it’s finest. The trick is easy to learn, requires no gimmicks or complex sleights. Within minutes of watching the tutorial you’ll be able to pull this off easily.

With Finger Wave, Dan Hauss has crafted a minimalist masterpiece that even has his fellow magicians gasping in amazement. Lightning quick and silky smooth, this effect deserves a place in the repertoire of every illusionist.

Seeds: 34
Size: 94mb
Format: mkv