Toibox Card To Box System by Jonathan Kamm Download Torrent

Card to box with no gimmicks! Clean before and after. A deadly utility device!
Why Toibox?

Box can be shown empty before and after routines. It doesn’t just appear empty it is empty.

You can place the empty box in the spectators hand and make their signed selected card appear inside.

The spectator can open and remove their signed selection.

Multiple cards can be found multiple times in one routine.

Final loads are now possible. End a routine with the box full of mints, salt, paper clips, crickets, anything.

Multiple ways to make their card appear inside.

Can be routined without needing to secretly fold the card.

Hundreds of routine possibilities.

Works with cards, billets, bills. You can even switch mid routine.

Toibox is super small. Takes little pocket space.

Resets instantly.

If you forget the tin just pick one up on the way to your gig.

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