The Ghost Peek by Jim Swain Torrent Download Free

"The best thing I’ve ever come up with." - Jim Swain

"The Ghost Peek is...guaranteed to amaze and confound." -Steve Forte

That is high, high praise for the Ghost Peek. So what is the Ghost Peek? Without revealing too much, we can tell you this: it’s an important improvement on a classic gambler’s peek that allows you to sight a card anywhere in the deck without turning any of the cards over. Most peeks occur by tilting the faces of the cards toward yourself, either under cover of a gesture or an action. In the Ghost Peek, the cards remain face down, away from your face, throughout.

This peek is not a pipe dream, nor is it an experimental idea. It’s a practical, audience-tested utility you will learn within an hour and use for the rest of your life.

It's difficult to demo a move like this, because it's invisible! There is NOTHING to see, and that’s what is so beautiful about the Ghost Peek.

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