Ships in the Night by Doc Dixon Torrent Download

Card-to-pocket ON STEROIDS. Four SIGNED cards appear in 4 separate pockets! You'll look like a sleight-of-hand MASTER.
Doc Dixon is a top pro. If a trick doesn't work all night every night, he doesn't do it.

Ships in the Night is his reputation maker. Even if you've been in card magic a long time, you probably haven't seen anything like it before!

Four SIGNED cards vanish, one-by-one from your hands and appear in FOUR SEPARATE pockets!

An incredibly BIG effect that really transcends the deck. It's not about the cards -- it's a miracle that happens to use cards.

Very little skill required, and Doc teaches you every step of the way. You'll end up looking like a sleight-of-hand MASTER in no time!

Most highly recommended. You're going to love this one.

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