Mobius Switch by Glenn West Torrent Download Free

NO Gimmicks, No Thumb Tips – A sleight of hand miracle!

What if you could change the value of a borrowed bill with just a wave of your hand? This is exactly what your audiences will see when you perform the Mobius Switch by Glenn West. Glenn has developed a spectacular technique for changing a bill in an incredibly visual manner without the use of gimmicks. This technique works with paper notes from any country and can be done at a moment’s notice. Simply borrow a bill, change it instantly, and hand it back without any funny moves or extraneous folding.

Use ANY currency, with ANY denomination around the world.

In addition to the core technique, which is ideal for the classic $1 to $100 effect, Glenn also teaches his torn and restored bill. Your spectator signs their bill, which is then torn into 2 pieces. The bill is restored in a flash and handed back to the spectator fully intact, complete with signature! The Mobius Switch is ideal for close-up, parlor, or stage applications due to its quick and visual nature. Learn it today, and leave your props at home!

Includes BONUS torn and restored bill. You’ll have to see this to believe it!

-Uses only sleight of hand
-No gimmicks
-Any borrowed bill
-Any country, any denomination
-Bonus torn and restored bill effect

Seeds: 55