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Disc 1: Performance at the Baroque Library, University of Coimbra. This is Lennart Green's professional act, an act that has taken him around the world, and it is explained in full detail. Every trick, every line of patter, every hint, tip and explanation. For the first time, nothing has been left out from the opening production of a glass of beer to the incredibly baffling card locations and the world's most mystifying and entertaining blindfold act. Enjoy the performance and then be astonished by the explanations.

Disc 2: Card separations, cuts and shuffles, steals and special moves. Lennart Green takes shuffled decks and magically restores them to their original order. He explains all his techniques: subtle false shuffles, secret culling and stunning productions. Now you can learn how to take any shuffled deck, find selected cards, the aces or even finish with the entire deck in numerical order. These are practical techniques honed in a thousand performances that have earned Lennart Green his title The Master of Chaos.

Disc 3: Lennart's favorite close-up routines are also featured including self-working marvels like Stolen Cards,StonehengeTwo DragonsSomething Happened and The Terrorist and more!

Disc 4: Three Shell Game, Coins Thru Table, Orimagi, and Lennart's signature poker routines. Also included are his crowd pleasing Three Shell routine, Coins Thru Table and the new close-up sensations that are Orimagi andFigurine. Card sharps will love his poker routines, multi-phase tricks in which the performer cannot lose.

Lennart Green Masterfile features dozens of tricks, moves and sleights as well as every single beat of Lennart's personal presentation. It is the finest DVD set Lennart ever made.

Lennart Green is a former FISM Champion of Card Magic. He has performed as a guest at the prestigious TED conference and is famous throughout the world for his unique performing style and ingenious thinking. His expertise is hidden behind a funny and disarming presentation style. David Blaine described him as one of the few performers who convince people they are watching real magic. Steve Forte describes Lennart as innovative and creative. And Martin Gardner said he was one of the few magicians who could really knock your socks off with his magic. Lennart Green Masterfile is a wonderful testimonial to one of the world's greatest card men.   

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