Magical Sleight - Season 1 Torrent Download

Content : 
  • 3h00 of magic
  • 17 tricks + 10 original sleights
  • 6 different artists (including Bebel and Tony Chang)
  • Bonus : 2 exclusive tricks (JoKer5 and Ephemeral)

Tricks descriptions :

  • Le Bal Masqué - Three cards are placed between the Aces and three other one under spectator's hand. Suddenly, the three cards vanish and transpose each other's. 
  • Ice - Learn a cool and easy to do magician's Ace cutting trick. No crimp, no gimmick, only a normal deck of playing card.
  • Air - Four Aces are placed on the table and a card is selected. The card are placed betwwen the Aces and vanish to reappear face down in the middle of the pack. This trick is a variation of Earl Nelson's "Between Your Points of Departure" trick 
  • Blueside - Four red backed Aces are on the table. Spectator selected a card in a blue backed deck. The red backed Aces morphed one at the time into the selected card. But this was just an illusion 
  • Oxycolor - A very strong color changing deck routine Sandy - A simple but effective sandwich trick 
  • Gentle transpo - A 2 cards transposition effect 
  • Sugar Discofly - A combination of 2 Aces production 
  • Reset Cube - Yoann takes on the classic reset routine. You can upagrade your Reset trick or learn this new one. Add some visual and direct impact in your magic 
  • 9ueen - A visual and direct transposition between two black queens and a nine 
  • Travel_K - You begin with a transposition between a selected card and four Kings. Next, You place the selection in your pocket and leave the kings on the table.In a second later, the selection jump back on the table and the four kings are find in different pockets. 
  • TiveX - A modern version of Steeve Freeman's Time Machine card trick 
  • Transpro - A freaking cool two phases transpositions between two selected cards 
  • Overclock - This is a very visual sandwich's sequence. The first part is the "classic" Sedna effect which is published in Bluff DVD but the two others phases are totally new. 
  • Illusion - This is a smooth color changing sequence of the four Aces. 
  • Undecided - This is a variation of Chris Kenner 's trick "InT enCity". A masterpiece with the four T ens. This trick is modern,flash and really cool to do. 
  • Eiffel Fly - Eiffel Fly is a levitation which can be perform with borrowed object like credit card, buisness card 
  • Joker-5 - This is the reputation maker's trick of Yoann. It's visual,flashy and innovative. You begin by producing two jokers and a card is chosen and lost in the pack. Suddenly, the two jokers explode in a four of a kind of the selected card 
  • Ephemeral This is Astone new take on the ungimmicked 3 coins production/vanish that received great reviews from the French underground magic scene. In this download you will learn 3 never published before sleights that will allow you to do this routine and to enhanced your others routines. 

Moves descriptions :

  • Quoi - Learn Tony Chang's variation on the Larry Jennings Circle Shift. A breakless shift ! 
  • Coulisse - Learn a new way to do a shift. Boring with classic pass ? This shift is for you. 
  • Gentle Change - You will find one of the cleanest color change ever invented. Astone came up with this move 3 years ago and fooled the French magic underground with it since. After discussing with him we decided to release it to the public. 
  • Oxygen - This move allows you to control a card to the top or to the bottom of the deck. You can also use it to do a Force or a Switch. This move comes up with multiple variations. 
  • Butterfly Production - 4 aces fly over a ruban spreaded deck 
  • Discovery Production - 4 aces appear magicaly on the table 
  • The sugar mill change - Color change 
  • Top-C - It's a quick and direct method to control a card to the top 
  • Unusual-C - To control a selected card to the bottom of the pack Stuart 
  • DLF - a rather flourishy variation of the classic Stuart Gordon double turnover 
  • Backhand Change - Special Color change just for fun.