Jason England PENGUIN LIVE Torrent Download Free

One of the finest card handlers in the world is coming to Penguin for a 2-HOUR live event.

What will he teach?

Aces to Order
A method for cutting to the Aces in any order you wish - including an order chosen by your spectators. It looks like you're really cutting to the Aces because you really are cutting to the Aces! 

Conning Caveney
A unbelievable demonstration of skill with a riffle shuffle. A group of widely separated cards are controlled and stacked for a game of poker with only a single shuffle. After the shuffle the spectators could deal if they wanted to, because the cards really have been stacked to fall in the proper places. 

Fever Nails
A very magical and very easy "tell reading" demonstration with a terrific ending. This one has fooled them all! 

Hold 'em Demo
A terrific poker demonstration that looks impossible but is entirely self-working. 

A quick gambling expose that Jason has used countless times to blow away his audiences. 

Because he's known for doing the tough moves with cards, he'll spend some quality time helping you with your technique issues. 

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