Intuition by Michael Feldman Torrent Download Free

Easy method, maximum impact

Out of this World by Paul Curry is a plot that has intrigued magicians and audiences for decades. With Intuition, Michael Feldman adds his own thoughts and touches to this classic plot.

Spectator Shuffles and Deals

The routine begins by having the spectator shuffle the deck - there is no question in their mind that the cards are thoroughly mixed. You then instruct them to use their intuition to deal the cards into 2 separate piles however they would like, only to reveal that they have blindly separated the red cards from the black cards.

No gaffs or gimmicks - Use any deck

Working pros know that the most powerful magic happens in the spectator’s hands. With Intuition your spectator shuffles, deals, and decides how many cards go into each pile - making it that much more impossible and amazing when you reveal that they have successfully separated the cards! Perfect for table-hopping or a formal close-up show, Intuition is easy to do and can be added to your arsenal right away!

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