Blind Square by Bizau Cristian

Fresh from the mind of Bizau Cristian comes Blind Square, a brilliant and baffling sleight that can be used as a top control or a bottom control! Your spectator's selected card is placed into the center of the deck. In an instant, with no fishy moves, their card travels to either the top or the bottom of the deck - it's up to you!

The Blind Square download not only teaches the core move, but also teaches 2 transposition effects in 25 minutes of clear instruction. A bonus elevator effect is also included! Blind Square can be done with any borrowed deck of cards and will be an immensely useful part of your arsenal. Learn it today!

Credits go to Earnest Earick for inspiring the Blind Square top control with the "Bow to Stern" control from By Forces Unseen. Credit for the bottom control goes to Eric Leblon who also published the move under the name "Wave Control" on his Influence DVD.

Seeds: 36