Michael Vincent PENGUIN LIVE: The Quest for Mastery Torrent Download


 A true MASTER magician came to Penguin a truly inspiring and incredible LIVE event.

Part One:

Mastering The Fundamentals

Card Handling
The Vincent Touch

The Control
Finger Break – Crimping - Imperceptible Controls

The Double Lift & Turnover
Combination Lift

The Palm
Right and Left Hand, Top Bottom and Middle of The Deck including his favorite Palm, "The Rear Palm".

The Top Change

The False Shuffle
In The Hands and On The Table: Vincent on The Zarrow Shuffle and some combination False Cuts.

The Art of Culling
Essential Learning.


Intuition Speller
A simple spelling routine that is completely impromptu… this is one that you WILL use.


Victor Farellie's up The Sleeve
The Two Card Monte

Harry Lorayne's Foursome and 4PLAY WITH Foursome

Remember & Forget
A Hofzinser classic

Pasteboard Larceny

The Poker Stack
4 Aces over 7 seven hands with a borrowed deck

Part Two:

Classic Magic of Michael Vincent
  • The Power of Faith for the 21st Century
  • Match Made in Heaven
  • A New Twist on Twisting the Aces - Stand-up
  • Merlot Aces - Thanks to John G
Part Three:
  • Reflections on Vernon’s Travelers
  • The Quest for Mastery - 7 Steps - The Final Conversation
Seeds: 100