Matchbox Mystery (BRASS) Torrent Download

The perfect BAR trick. This one fools EVERYBODY. A match impossibly fits through a hole in a matchbox FILLED WITH A SOLID METAL BLOCK.

Show your hands empty. EVERYTHING is self-contained, and there's NOTHING to hide.

1. Push a match through a matchbox
2. Open it to show a SOLID BLOCK of metal.
3. Everything can be examined, and it's SUPER EASY to learn.

"It will fool everyone" -Chris Turchi

"I am an engineer, and I've shown this to other engineers. It has fooled everyone I've shown it to. Most people think I've palmed the brass block somehow. No one has ever guessed the real secret." -Eric A. from Greenville, SC

"Top notch effect that no one has figured out yet and I have shown it to about 50 people including my brother in law who is an engineer." -Eli from Sacramento, CA

"A MUST HAVE" -W. Housley from Colorado

"Within minutes of receiving I showed to my wife and she was blown away!!" -Chris L from New Jersey

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