Slider by Alex Pandrea Torrent Download

Ultra-Visual, Gimmick-Free!

Slider is a visual, straightforward, and gimmick-free sandwich routine that happens in the hands. After your spectator makes their selection, you display 2 Queens on top of the deck, which mysteriously vanish!

The deck is spread in the hands to show that the Queens have arrived face-up in 2 different parts of the deck. The Queens then VISUALLY pass through the cards that are separating them, gradually getting closer to each other, and finally stopping with one face-down card in between them. It is the spectator's selection! Afterwards, everything is completely examinable and you can continue with any other card effect.

-No Gimmicks
-Ultra Visual
-Completely In-the-Hands, No Table Needed
-Use a Borrowed Deck

Seeds: 43