Bison Bend by Branden Wolf Torrent Download

Branden Wolf is not someone you want to leave alone with your spare change. Don’t get us wrong - it’ll all still be there when you get back, it’ll just never be the same.

Bison is a combination of two distinct coin bends that happen at the fingertips, without cover.

Bison One starts with a borrowed quarter held at the fingertips, showing both hands otherwise empty. The coin is brought within inches of the face of the spectator as the thumb and forefinger of both hands bend the coin, as if it were made of rubber.

Bison Two takes the coin bend a step further. A spectator places a single quarter in the outstretched hand of the magician. The hand is turned over with the quarter just pinched at its outmost edge by the fingertips. The coin begins to wave back and forth - and as it slows, a very deliberate bend can be seen. The coin has bent at the fingertips of just one hand.

Bison is our way of introducing you to Branden Wolf, a spectacular sleight-of-hand artist who you’ll be seeing more of in 2014, when we release his feature length project. Until then - satisfy that craving for clean, direct magic with Bison.

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