Angle Z Torn Corner Card Trick by Daniel Madison Torrent Download

If you know the trick or perform it - good. If you don't, you should be. It's one of the easiest yet most impactful tricks on the market today. In this new work on the subject Daniel will teach...

•         How to perform Angle Zero with a signed card

•         Cause the torn corner to appear between someone's empty hands as it vanishes

•         The most effective places to reveal the hidden corner

•         How to perform Angle allowing the spectator to ACTUALLY HAND you ANY CARD

•         How to leave ZERO DOUBT that the corner has actually been ripped from the card

•         How to allow the spectator to HEAR every little RIP in the card

•         The correct way to slowly and methodically tear the corner piece

•         Learn David Blaine's take on Angle Zero and the way he performs it 95% of the time

•         How to use Angle Zero as a visual penetration through a glass table

•         See Daniel perform the effect live several times on the streets of Los Angeles

•         Where the torn corner should - and should not - be revealed.

•         1 hour and 20 minutes of advice and rare techniques

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