iBalance by Mark Elsdon Torrent Download Free

"iBalance is, I think, one of the all-time best effects with a phone. Unlike magic with apps, it doesn't just look like technology. iBalance looks like REAL MAGIC. Best of all, it will never become obsolete as phones improve. This one is going into my daily repertoire." -Joshua Jay

"Mark showed me iBalance while I was lecturing in the UK and fooled me very badly. He suspended my own iPhone in the bloody air...and I had no clue how he did it!" -Bill Abbott

"iBalance fooled me badly. Super practical. Super clever. Completely mystifying." -Cameron Francis

Pull out your cell phone, or ask to borrow a spectator’s. You balance it precariously between your two hands. Then slowly – impossibly – you remove one hand. Leaving the phone balanced in a truly mind bending condition!

The phone can even be balanced on a single fingertip!

The phone can then be immediately given out for inspection!

iBalance can be used with any smartphone and virtually any current cell phone. It uses no magnets, adhesives, or suction devices. It will work with most phone cases and under all performing environments.

iMpossible. iNnovative. iBalance.

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