Delta by Justin Miller Torrent Download

Even when Justin Miller is travelling to a gig, he’s still inventing remarkable magic. ‘Delta’ is what happens when you leave a magician alone with a deck and a tray table for a two hour long flight.

The magician sets a prediction down on the table and asks the spectator to choose and sign a card before returning it to the deck. Taking back the deck, the magician performs the easiest card trick in the world - revealing the spectators signed card.

The spectator scoffs at the trick, so the magician gives them a chance to perform a trick instead. Flicking the prediction across the table and under a card box, the magician hands the deck back to the spectator.

Startled, the spectator is told he is going to perform the hardest card trick in the world - make his own card disappear. The spectator stares blankly at the deck, before the magician steps in and tells him to spread through. Amazingly, his card has indeed disappeared…

The magician points to the prediction that’s been on the table since the beginning of the trick. The card box is lifted and the prediction turned over - to reveal the spectator’s signed card.

Delta is a routine developed by Brad Christian, Peter McKinnon and Justin Miller around a daringly deceptive move hidden in plain sight that will have even you second guessing if anything happened.

Seeds: 34