Commodore 64 by Chris Mayhew Torrent Download

The Most Unique Transposition Ever!

Chris Mayhew is back with the most unique transpo effect ever! Instead of single cards switching places, Chris has come up with a diabolical way to make a pair of cards change places with a single card!

No Duplicates, no Gimmicks

You fairly display 2 mate cards, such as the black jacks, and place them into the center of the pack. You then show a random card, which is placed on top of the deck. In an instant, the 2 mate cards are on top of the deck and the random card is in the middle!

Variations and Bonus Sleights

On the Commodore 64 download Chris teaches 2 variations, one of which is 100% angle-proof so you can use it in any situation! You’ll also learn 2 extremely useful sleights that can be applied to countless other routines.

-Totally impromptu
-2 variations, including angle-proof version
-2 bonus sleights
- Approx 35 minutes

Seeds: 37