Casino Royale with Cheese by Chris Mayhew Torrent Download

Chris Mayhew has an odd combination of talents. Not only is he a great magician and a super funny guy, he's also Canadian!
We invite you to see what the fuss is about with Chris's Blue Crown debut, Casino Royale with Cheese! This effect has it all - it's a sandwich effect and a surprising transpo all in one.

A card is selected, signed, and lost in the deck. You then enlist the help of the 4 Kings to find the card. The 2 red Kings are placed onto the table, while the 2 black Kings are placed onto the top and bottom of the deck.

With a wave of the hand, the black Kings vanish and then reappear in the center of the deck, now with a card sandwiched between them.

The card is revealed to be... The 2 red Kings! What the heck??
What's more, it turns out that the signed selection is now on the table where the 2 red Kings were sitting just a moment ago! This is surprising magic at its finest!

-No gimmicks
-No duplicates
-Starts and ends completely clean
-30 minutes of teaching

Seeds: 56