Boris Wild's Perfect Open Prediction Torrent Download

Boris Wild has come up with not only an elegant and extremely deceptive version of the Open Prediction but also a solution that is completely sleight free and self working!
A playing card from a different deck is introduced and left face up on the table, its value is shown for all to see, lets say it is the six of clubs.

A deck of playing cards is handed to a spectator and he or she is instructed to deal down through the playing cards face up, one by one. At any point the spectator deals one of the playing cards face down. They continue to deal through the playing cards one by one, face up and at no point do they see a six of clubs! 

The cards are spread through to show there is no six of clubs face up in the deck, so logic has it that the one face down card is the selection. Obviously you have to prove this so you turn the deck face down and very cleanly spread the cards on the table to show the only card that is face up IS the six of clubs!

Boris' Perfect Open Prediction is a very easy to perform performance piece. It is easily reset, requires no sleight of hand and can be repeated with a different prediction card! 

Seeds: 20