Diagonal Palm Shift by Alex Pandrea Torrent Download

Take your DPS to a Whole New Level

The Diagonal Palm Shift, considered to be one of the "holy grail" moves from The Expert at the Card Table, has been studied and performed by countless card masters. Imagine being able to silently and invisibly extract a card directly from the center of the pack. A true utility move, the DPS can be used for an immeasurable number of effects and routines.

Detailed, Thorough Teaching - Over an Hour in Length

Alex Pandrea has been studying and refining his handling of this classic sleight for years. Now he shares it with you, going BEYOND the text and taking your DPS to the next level. In addition to teaching the core mechanics of the DPS, Alex also covers every nuance of finger placement, timing, frame of mind, and more. Equally as important as teaching what to do, Alex also teaches you what NOT to do - giving you common mistakes to avoid, putting you on the path to mastery that much faster. He also teaches 3 powerful effects that utilize the DPS. These are strong and practical, suitable for many different environments.

Seeds: 20