Invisible Card Punch by Dave Powell Torrent Download

Daniel Madison explores the real work behind one of the smallest and most underrated devices used by mechanics to procure for themselves the winning hand from a cut and shuffled deck. That device is of course, the invisible card punch.

Used by cheats at the card table for over 400 years, the card punch allows the dealer to mark and identify cards on the fly, even as they are being dealt. David Powell's Invisible punch remains concealed while in play, so it's perfect for 'empty handed' effects using a borrowed deck of cards. 

In this download, Daniel discusses how he wanted to perform his tribute to Walter Irving Scott on Penn & Teller's 'Fool Us' by using this method, and teaches the mechanics as to how to deal a named royal flush from a borrowed, shuffled deck, as well as dealing ranking hands of Poker to other players, to guarantee you win the largest haul possible.

Erdnase remarked that his book may 'inspire the crafty by enlightenment on artifice'. If this is true, than Daniel Madison and David Powell must be some of the most enlightened men in the business.

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